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Christ Way Missions
Christ Way Missions is a Christ-centered ministry whose mission is to restore hope to needy and destitute people living in and around the Western Kenya community of Bungoma.  We operate an Orphanage of 300+ abandoned and orphaned children, most who have lost their parents and families to HIV/AIDS and through civil wars in our country.  The ministry is led by Pastor Clapperton Muchanga and his wife Edel Queen, along with other fellow pastors, church members, teachers and social workers.  Providing food, clothing, shelter and medical needs are our top priority when a child first comes to us.  We believe education is the key to our children's future and place a strong emphasis on educating the children.  Our focus is helping our children reach new heights by inspiring them to develop the desire and the needed skills to break the cycle of poverty.   It is our goal to develop future leaders among our children so that one day they can help transform our country from having a third-world status to becoming a thriving and       self-sufficient economy.   We invite you to spend some time looking through our website to get to know us and what we do.  The About Our Ministry page provides a history of our ministry along with our Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Our Values.  The  Our Projects and Needs page provides basic information, along with links to detailed information, on different areas of our ministry.  The following video provides an overview of what Christ Way Missions is all about and what we are doing through Jesus Christ.

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Let's  Work Together to Care for God's Children