Throughout the Bible are accounts of many who were given instructions from our Lord through dreams and visions.  Christ Way Missions is the realization of such a vision the Lord gave to me and my first wife in 2005.

One evening while my wife Salome Nelima and I were sleeping, God gave me a vision that there were many children in our home.  They were of all ages and sizes, many naked and some sick.  I heard a voice say, "These are my children."   I was startled by the voice and woke up.  At first I thought the voice was that of my wife, but she was sound asleep.  I got up and went to church to pray about the dream I had.  After a couple of hours of praying, I went home and met my wife at the door.  She seemed upset and said she was looking for me.  I asked what was troubling her and she explained she had a vision in a dream that she was coming home from a journey and when she entered our home she saw a lot of children filling our house.  She said she tried to send them away but an angel appeared to her and told her, "These are my children, feed them."    We were astonished that we both had almost the same exact same dream!   Although we did not understand it, we knew God was showing us what He wanted us to do.  We prayed together and said "YOUR WILL BE DONE LORD."

                                                                          A couple of weeks later, we were passing near the river when we were going for fellowship Bible study                                                                               and we saw many people crowded by the garbage dump that was located by the river.   We went to see                                                                             what was happening and was told that there were two small babies wrapped in clothes and dumped                                                                                 there.   Their bodies were covered by ants but they were still alive.  We moved closer to see and my wife                                                                             heard a voice, "These are my children, take them."  She knew the voice was God and asked if we could                                                                               take them.  No one knew who they belonged to so we took them to the Hospital and asked if the doctors                                                                           could save them.  We were told to go to the police and report the two little girls would remain at the                                                                                   Hospital for a few months to see if anyone would come looking for them.  Six months later no one had                                                                               claimed the babies.  It was not surprising the parents did not come for the girls as they were twins and                                                                               twins we looked upon as a bad omen.  As such, twins were normally put to death before they reached their second month of age, or before they began teething, so they would not bring a curse down on the home.  The parents of the girls obviously could not bring themselves to kill the babies so they choose to dump them by the river instead.  My wife and I received a call to come and take the babies into our home.  We were at first hesitant but after we prayed we went to pick them up and Milicent and Mercline became our children.  Today they are teenagers and they have gone with me throughout the years to help teach local tribes that twins are not a curse.  Their beautiful presence has been a tremendous educational tool to help overcome the superstitions surrounding multiple births, although it is a continuing battle even today. 

In 2008, post-election violence erupted when the losing incumbant refused to step down from office.   After several weeks of violence, thousands were killed and thousands more were left homeless.  Our  home was overrun with orphans, bringing the vision just three years earlier to fruition.  We were blessed with five acres of land just outside Bungoma where Salome Nelima and I began                                                                                         establishing the orphanage at Christ Way Missions.  My wife worked as a teacher and her salary                                                                                       funded our ministry.  She worked many hours and in 2011 she became ill.  An actual heart condition                                                                                   was misdiagnosed as a flu-type illness and on April 19, 2011 she went to be with the Lord.  Although                                                                                    heartbroken, I continued on with the ministry and some time later the Lord blessed me with another                                                                                  wife, Adel Queen, who has joined me in the vision of Christ Way Missions.  Today our family consists                                                                                  of over 300 orphans and six children.  Throughout the years, support for Christ Way Missions has                                                                                        come from many sources, primarily from the hearts of those our Lord has placed a burden to join                                                                                       our ministry.  Through struggles and toils, our Lord has remained faithful and all of our children                                                                                         continue to grow, healthy and happy and knowing God is good. 

​Yes, Christ Way Missions has come a long way over the past decade.  From small beginnings to the humble home our compound offers today, we have followed our Lord's lead to care for His children by making them our own.  We need your help.  It is our sincere hope you will study our website and prayfully seek the Lord's lead in your heart as to how you can best partner with us to care for God's Children.

                                                                                                         Thank you and God's Blessings Upon You,
                                                                                                                                             Clapperton &  Edel Queen Muchanga

​Mission Statement

​Vision Statement

 ​The mission of Christ Way Missions is to restore hope to the  orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya and the neighboring country of Uganda.  
The vision of Christ Way Missions is to provide a home filled with the love of Jesus Christ while administering physical, spiritual, emotional and mental nourishment along with the highest level of education possible to ensure a bright and promising future for each child our Lord entrusts to us.

​Our Values

Jesus Christ - The goal of everything that we do is to worship our Savior, Lord, and GOD.  His death on the Cross and the Forgiveness and Salvation that we received from Him means everything to us and drives everything that we do.  We follow Jesus Christ no matter where it leads us and we do it because we love Him.  (Romans 12:1-2, Matthew 22:37-39)

Salvation -  We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus.  Nothing more and nothing less.  This idea affects everything that we do and it affects the eternity of every person on this earth.  Because of this, our greatest desire is to see someone go from death to life in Christ, to be born again through the love of Jesus.  The name of our ministry comes from this idea that it is through the Way of Christ that we can do anything.  No matter what else we do in this world, our ultimate goal is to see souls saved by Jesus Christ our Lord.  (2 Corinthians 5:17, Ephesians 2:8-9)

The Bible - We believe the Bible is the Word of GOD.  Because glorifying Jesus is our ultimate goal, we rely on the Bible to teach us how to worship Him and how to follow Him.  The Bible is our authority because it is how GOD has chosen to specifically reveal Himself to us.  (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

​The Church - We believe the church is the body of Christ with Jesus Christ as the head.  We believe every local church should be self-governing and independent from any denominational control.  Each church determines its own strategy, structure, and style.  The purpose of the church is to worship God and make Him known to the world and to love others as Jesus Christ loves us. (Ephesians 4:11-16, 1 Corinthians 12:12-31)

​Christian Life - We believe that every Christian’s ultimate purpose is to live for the glory of God.  This occurs as we grow in intimacy with God through prayer, His written word, Christian fellowship, and living obediently and responsively to Him. (John 15:1-5, 2 Corinthians 5:14-21)

​Worship - We believe Worship is more than a song, but involves all that we are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Worship comes in many forms, including how we live our daily lives. (Matthew 22:37-38, 1 Corinthians 10:31)

Stewardship – We believe God created the heavens and the earth and He has absolute rights of ownership over all things. We accept the stewardship of these things as our purpose in this world as assigned to us by God Himself. It is our divinely given opportunity to join with God in His worldwide and eternal redemptive movement by receiving the strength, inspiration and growth in the management of our lives from God through the Holy Spirit, otherwise our labor is in vain and our growth in stewardship is self-righteous human growth. (Genesis 1:1, Matthew 28:19-20, Philippians 4:13)

Taking Care of Orphans - We believe God and His Word has specifically called us to care for and love the orphans he sends to us .  We believe that on an eternal and spiritual level, we were orphans without a Heavenly Father but that GOD saved us and adopted us into His family as sons and daughters.  We follow this example of GOD and desire to take care of and love children who do not have families to take care of them.  (James 1:27)

Helping the Poor -  God's Word is very clear in its teaching to help the poor, the disadvantaged, the helpless, and the hurting.  As followers of Christ, we will do this to the best of our ability.  We will use the resources He provides to us to further the Kingdom of GOD and take care of His children.  (1 John 3:16-17)

Let's  Work Together to Care for God's Children