Christ Way Missions Sponsorship Form

The Ephesians 6:8 Principle
God has a system on which He has established His entire kingdom - and that is the way of sowing and reaping.   When we sow into God's system, we can expect to reap a great harvest!  That is "Christ's Way!"

Any time we begin to invest our money or labor into God's work, we not only become partners in investment, but also in return.   For every person who is saved, Spirit-filled, healed, or set free, a portion of that is credited to us in direct relation to our investment.   That means when the ministry we've invested into grows - we grow!   When the ministry prospers - we prosper!   We are co-laborers, co-workers, and therefore, co-receivers along with those into whom we've invested - - - we are Christ Way Missions.
We would not be functioning as God designed without our ministry sponsors.  Ministry Sponsors are those who have dedicated themselves to giving financially on a monthly basis, whether to Sponsor a Child, sponsor a project, or giving towards the General Fund.  We appreciate all those who partner with us in the work of the Gospel.  We believe a Sponsor is not just a monthly check and a weekly prayer, but they are our co- laborers in Christ.   When it all comes down to it, we are joining together to be a part of something greater than ourselves.   Thank you for your prayers and for investing your precious seed into this last days ministry.   We are in agreement with you for a great return on your giving (Luke 6:38).

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor of Christ Way Missions, please complete the following form:

Full Name
Please list your Sponsorship Amount in US dollars and whether it is a monthly, quarterly, annual or one-time donation.
Please tell us what you are sponsoring: Sponsor a Child (list number and name), Sponsor a Project (list the project), Other (please list)
Mailing Address
Name of Church or Organization if this is a Group Partnership
How will you be submitting your Sponsorship: PayPal or Check (Please note, we are working on Automatic Monthly Withdraw)
​If paying by check in USA , please make your check payable to  Christ Way Missions of Kenya
   and mail to:  Millersburg Church of God
                          10643 State Route 39
​                          Millersburg, Ohio  44654
Let's  Work Together to Care for God's Children