Feeding Our Children

​Providing daily meals for over 300 children is challenging to say the least.  Our compound
had a nice kitchen until 2014 when severe flooding caused by heavy rains devastated the
usually dry region of Kenya.  The lives and livelihoods of more than 82,000 people were
ripped apart as they lost their homes, belongings, farmland, livestock, and access to clean
water.  Christ Way Mission was blessed to only have lost our kitchen and outdoor toilets. 
We have since replaced the toilets, but a new kitchen is still a goal to be acheived.

​                                                                                   Currently, our ladies prepare meals outside.  They provide at least one
                                                                                   meal each day consisting of cooked rice and beans, sometimes rice and
                                                                                   corn.  The children eat their meal sitting on the ground as we do not have
                                                                                   a cafeteria.  When everyone is done eating, the plates are washed in a
                                                                                   bucket and placed in the sun to dry.

                                                                                   We farm two of our five acres by planting rice, corn, and beans.  We do
                                                                                   not yeild enough from our crops to provide all it takes to feed our
                                                                                   children, so we have to purchase supplies from the city.  It costs $30.00
                                                                                   (US dollars) to provide one meal per day for the entire family.  We have
                                                                                   access to an abundance of avocados, which is sometimes added to the
                                                                                   rice and beans, but the children also enjoy eating them like American
                                                                                   children would eat an apple.

​Our current goal is to replace the kitchen that was lost in the flood.  We have a plan for a modern kitchen that would include cooking stoves, sinks with running water, storage cupboards, and cooking equipment.  The projected cost for a new kitchen is $12,000.00 (US dollars).  

Our long-term goal is to become self-sustaining.  We have an opportunity to
farm more land located next to our compound.  It is a 22 acre parcel of land
for sale for $3,000.00 (US dollars) per acre.  It costs $200.00 (US dollars) per
acre to prepare the land for planting by clearing, plowing, and fertilizing. 
Planting season is in early March as we depend upon the seasonal rains of
late March through April to provide the much needed moisture for growth. 
In addition to increasing our vegetable crop harvest, we want to introduce
new fruits into our children's diets by planting temperate fruits, such as
apple, pear, plum and peach trees. 

​We welcome and can accommodate team mission trips.  Constructing the
new kitchen would truly be a godsend and an excellant project if your
church or group has skilled carpenters, electricians, and plumbers.  Also, a
team mission trip could be centered around acquiring up to two acres at a time for clearing and plowing.  A 7 to 14 day short-term mission trip would be enough time to complete either project.  The June through July time frame would be best as this is the coolest season in Kenya.
Let's  Work Together to Care for God's Children