Housing Our Children

Kenya experienced tremendous violence from December 2007 to February 2008 triggered by a disputed presidential election held on December 27, 2007.  We began receiving more children in January of 2008, and there after, as the war took the lives of many citizens.   As our home filled and overflowed with children, my father saw the need for us to have a larger property.   In August of 2008, he donated 2 acres to us and we purchased an additional 3 acres which formed the grounds of Christ Way Missions.  

Our first project was to build dormitories for the children.  We made many of the bricks we used to contruct the two buildings and purchased others with donations from caring supporters. The two dormitories now have roofs and the girl's domitory is concreted.  The children currently sleep on mats on the floor.

​We do not have indoor plumbing.  The children bathe out of buckets of water in their dormitories.

Brother Ken and Pastor Clapperton laying the   cornerstone of the first dormitory.

​​The photo to the right shows some of our children in front of one of the completed dormitories.  Both of the dormitories still need doors, windows and ceilings, as well as shower rooms.  A Team Mission OpportunitiesTrip to install windows and doors would require purchase of 16 windows at a cost of $80.00 (US dollars) each and 4 doors at a cost of $150.00 (US dollars) each for a total of $1,880.00. The ceiling costs would be $3,000.00 (US dollars) for both dormitories.  This would be an ideal short-term mission trip requiring only a seven days for installation.  It would be prudent to install electricity during this time period if an experienced electrician would be part of your team.  The additional cost for electrical supplies is $2,500.00 (US dollars) for both dormitoris.

​Adding shower rooms to each dormitory would be a more labor intensive project.  We would need to dig trenches and lay water piping as well as bricking off shower room spaces in each dormitory.  An estimated cost for this project is $1,200.00 (US dollars) and a solid week would be needed.
Let's  Work Together to Care for God's Children