Our Projects and Needs

​Feeding Our Children

​Housing Our Children

​We have a boys and a girls dormitory.  Our children currently sleep on mats on the floor in their dormitory.  We have diagram for a stacked bunk bed.  The cost to build each bed is $50 or $100 (US dollars) for a stacked set.  We need to raise $15,000 to build 300 beds.  We also need to concrete the floor of the boy's dormitory at a cost of $1,000 (US dollars).  If you are being led by our Lord to be a part of this project of our ministry, please make your donation by using the PayPal option below.  To learn more about our housing program and the goals we have set, click on

Providing food for our children is a daily challenge and our top priority.  We are currently only able to give one meal each day consisting of a cup of cooked rice and beans. This meal costs $30.00 (US dollars) to feed all the children.  We are in need of monthly sponsors who will make a commitment to provide one meal or more each month.  If  our Lord is leading you to help us in this area, please complete a Christ Way Missions Partnership Form Christ Way Missions Partnership Form to be included in our Food Budget and to be placed on our Newsletter list.  Click on the following icon to learn more about our food program and our needs in this area

​​Educating Our Children

​​The Mephiposheth Project

Water - We Have Water!!!

Kenya faces challenges in water provision with erratic weather patterns in the past few years causing droughts and water shortages.  Our country also has a limited renewable water supply and is classified as a water scarce country.  Prior to August of 2016, our water came from a  water hole we hand-dug into the ground or we walked 5 miles to closest stream and carried water back in large containers.  To see our water well donated by caring supporters, please click on

​Over 60 of our children suffer with a disability.  These disabilities include being lame, or blind, or deaf and mute, or effects of cerebral palsy or mental illnesses.  These children need special care and special equipment such as wheelchairs. Our efforts to secure donors to cover these expenses have not been successful but we are still praying.  For more information on this project, click on

​​have plantd 16 churches

Let's  Work Together to Care for God's Children