Team Mission Opportunities

Volunteering in Kenya provides an opportunity not only to experience an amazing country, its culture and people, but to make a difference to some of those affected most by poverty in the entire world.  Forty-two percent of Kenya’s population of 44 million live below the poverty line. Access to basic services such as health-care, clean water and education is largely a luxury.  Despite this, Kenya is a beautiful country. With incredible coastlines and many wildlife parks and reserves teaming with wildlife such as giraffes, zebras and lions, as well as woodlands, grasslands, marshes and swamps, there is much to see and experience.  There are many reasons people choose to volunteer – for some it is to give something back and to be of service, and for others it is to develop skills and gain experience, as well as to meet new people. For many volunteers it is a combination of all of these, however we have found that for the vast majority of the volunteers we have worked with, the desire to participate in making a true difference in the world  is the strongest motivation.
​Whether you want to come and volunteer in a small group, or with another family member, or even on your own, Christ Way Missions need you!  We can accommodate as many as 16 people for a short-term mission trip up to a one month stay, or up to eight people for long-term missions.  As a volunteer, you will need to pay a fee to help sustain our ministry.  Even though we greatly appreciate your help, our resources are very limited and we cannot support your cost for meals, accommodations, transportation and supervision.  Volunteer activities include construction and repairs, teaching in our school, farming, administrative functions such as training in micro finance, or medical team (must have medical qualifications).

Volunteers should be 18 to 70 years of age.  Children below the age of 18 who wish to volunteer should have permission from their parents.  Children below the age of 16 must be accompanied by one or both of their parents to our program.  Applications should be received at least two weeks in advance to organize a volunteer work placement and your accommodation.  Volunteers should have a positive attitude, be ready to adopt and enjoy simple living conditions.

Volunteers who wish to combine their volunteering experience with Safaris can do so and this can be organized during your placement.

​Volunteer Fees Include:

​What is NOT INCLUDED in Volunteer Fees:

Airport Pick-up: On Arrival and Departure: Once you give us your flight details our project coordinator and a driver will be at the JKIA or KISUMU INTERNATIONAL  Airport to pick you up.

Orientation: Including important pre-departure information as well as on-site orientation on local culture, history and customs.

Internship arrangement: All your internship arrangement and well being while volunteering is our big concern and priority and ensure your placement is secure and safe. Our coordinator will provide whatever support you may need at any step along and our supervisor will always assist at the ground.

Accommodations/Meals: We carefully select host family connecting you to the culture and social, economic and political events in the community and country. You are provided with three meals a day and you will be flexible to intervene and assist in cooking/food preparation.

Transportation to the project: Volunteers are transported to and from their placement location by shared bus/shuttle.

Certificate of Completion/Participation: You will be provided with a certificate showing your participation with us and a recommendation letter as an appreciation for volunteering with us.

Farewell: Is arranged on the last day either at the host family, School, and orphanages as a way of appreciation to the volunteer for the time and ability to give to the community. It is a day of exchanging gifts and celebrate for having successfully worked together.

* International Airfare
* Visa
* Insurance
* Vaccinations
* Medical Bill
* Tours and safaris

​Volunteer Program Fee for 2017-2018 
                       (per person)

Cost for two weeks    $   627.00 US dollars
Cost for three weeks $   734.00 US dollars
Cost for one Month   $   841.00 US dollars
Cost for five weeks    $   948.00 US dollars
Cost for six weeks      $ 1,055.00 US dollars
Cost for seven weeks $1,162.00 US dollars
Cost for two Months  $1,269.00 US dollars

​Volunteer Application Form - upon our receipt of your application, we will contact you within two working days

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