Water - We Have Water!

​For much of our history at Christ Way Missions, our water supply came from "pore holes" in the ground that we dug with our hands.  We would dig down until we came to water and then use containers to get the water out for our consumption.  When the water level became low, we would dig down further with our hands.  During arrid seasons, we would have to walk five miles to the closest stream and carry water back to the compound in large containers.

But in August of 2016, all that came to an end!  Our Lord blessed us with a generous donor who provided funds for us to drill our own water well.   We had engineers come and access our land and choose the best spot to drill a well. 


Oh what a glorious day it was when the water poured out of the ground!  We now have the only clean and safe water in the area.  People come from near and far to get water from our well.  We do not charge for the water.  We are in need of water storage tanks and a pump so we can begin to prepare for "indoor plumbing" for the new kitchen and shower rooms in the dormitories.

Let's  Work Together to Care for God's Children